Friday, November 28, 2014

One Teal Skirt

A couple of months ago my sister went to the flea market and brought me back this lovely Shaheen to sell in my Etsy shop. I took one look at it and was pretty sure it was not going to be for sale any time soon! I was in love with the shape, the colors, the design....need I go on?!

I needed though something to wear under it. I decided to look for a pencil skirt in a blue or green that would compliment the wonderful lime green, aqua and teal in the dress. I found a teal skirt at Ross for only $10.99!! If your Ross is like mine it is slim pickens when it comes to skirts, so to find this one - the perfect color, perfect length for my Shaheen and my size was a remarkable feat!

Needless to say, I'm very pleased with my outfit. But the real reason of this post is that I never realized what a staple a teal skirt is to a gal's closet. I'm selling a number of dead stock nylon tops from the 1960's and needed a skirt to model with them. I decided on this teal skirt because of the fit on the mannequin. (And frankly I'm tired of always using my black skirt for this purpose.) I was thinking the teal skirt might only compliment a couple of the colors of the tops. But to my surprise I LOVED it with each and every color. Scroll down and see what you think!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This girl....

 I was talking with her and was taken first by her beauty and then the lighting and everything about it made me say, "Don't move, I'm getting my camera." She knows I mean business when I say that and she doesn't move. When she looked at the photos after I was finished she said, "Wow!" 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Most Favorite Dress

To date this dress is my most favorite of all the ones I've personally come across. Everything about it speaks to me. The color of the dress itself, the contrast of the white embroidery and smocking on the deep blue, the embroidered design, the style, and my list goes on and on. I have just listed it in my Etsy shop but not without wearing it a couple of times first. Each time I wore it people stopped me to soak in the beauty. Women would pause as they touched my arm to stop me to look at the detail. Every time I would proudly stop and enjoy watching their expressions, quite similar to the first time I laid eyes on this darling!!  She is from the 20's or 30's and is in wonderful condition. Only a couple of tiny issues. One of the shoulders has a couple of tiny holes and on the front near the neckline there is a very small white spot. On the back near the top of the pin tucking there are a couple of repaired small tears. Below are photos of the little flaws plus the overwhelming beautiful details of this classic piece.

Monday, January 13, 2014

3 Spring Dresses

I know it's ONLY January 13th but I'm thinking of spring!! It could possibly be the sunny 79 degrees Fahrenheit I'm feeling with my patio door wide open letting the warm air in or perhaps it's some of the darling  vintage cotton spring dresses I've picked up in the last couple weeks. Yesterday I bought a sweet 1950's lime green patio dress that I will try on later today to see if it's going in my closet, and if it does you can bet I'll be on the hunt for the perfect pair of espadrilles to go with! 

So with the thought of long sunny spring days ahead here are a few blue cuties that will come to my shop later this week.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vacation Finds!

I can't seem to ever take a vacation, as short or close to home as it might be, without wanting to go scouting for new vintage finds! And this past week was no exception. I took a few days off to spend at my sister and brother-in-laws. While out and about exploring I came across was this beauty. STUNNING!! And she is in wonderful condition!!! I could barely believe it when I saw her. At first I thought it was a reproduction. She was on a dress form so before I attempted to rip it off the form and pay for it I asked the store clerk what she could tell me about her. She said, 'There is a crinoline under the dress....' Hmmmm.... I asked if I could take a closer look at the dress so she took it off the dress form. SOLD! I purchased another 5 quality 1950's dresses there. It's occasions like this that keep me shopping/working on my vacations :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Closet is Clean!!!

My apartment is simple, functional and exactly what I need in order to pursue my passions. When you have a small space to sleep, cook, eat, live and store your clothes and accessories in you have to make the most of each square foot. To that end I embarked on cleaning my modest walk in closet last week. It ends up being the 'catch all' when I want my place sparkling clean or when guests are coming for dinner. Over the course of the last year and a half it has come to house lots of bins containing what I have thought is essential to life. 

What a good cleansing will do for the soul!! I started by taking most everything out of my closet and then weeding through what I can give away, what I can sell and what I have to keep. I've been patting myself on the back ever since the cleanse. I have this lovely rack that I found in the trash a few years ago that I cleaned thoroughly and then hung on the wall of my closet. This rack houses the scores of vintage, antique and contemporary necklaces and bracelets I own.  When I go through these cleansing periods I go through each piece. Touching it, trying it on, weighing whether I need it or not. 

This photo is just a small sampling of what jewelry I am keeping. Each piece has a story. Each piece has a life of it's own. If you see me wearing one of these bracelets, ask me what it's story is. I am always happy to oblige in sharing it's history and the good memory I associate with it. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vintage 1960's Vicuna Fur Coat

This coat is just about the softest fur coat you'll ever feel. Made from vicuna fur, a cousin of the llama. Read more details about vicnua fur in the listing for this coat in my Etsy shop.