Saturday, August 17, 2013

Go Figure!

Trying to understand the taste of a 16 year old.

Just when I think that my daughter will absolutely love some article of clothing I have picked out for her, I bring it home with such excitement only to be met with a facial expression of 'Nah, not gonna ever wear it.'
And then as I show her finds I picked up at the flea market she'll flip out over something and say, "That is mine!" Go figure! Cause I sure can't.

And while I know what my daughter's style is and think it is darling I just can't seem to peg picking out the right thing for her. For instance, last month I came home with two pairs of 1950's capri's. One was black ribbed with small colorful embroidered flowers. The other pair was black cotton with folded up cuffs of red and white bandana fabric. They were both very small and I knew would fit her just right. I was banking on the red, white and black bandana pair. Nope, she fell in love with the embroidered floral pair. And there they sit in her closet now while the bandana pair is listed in my Etsy shop!

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