Monday, September 2, 2013

Who Knew? Blue Cheese!!!

Earlier this year a close friend of mine was moving to New York. What better place to go than the Original Phillipe's in Los Angeles to send him off?!!
Several of us got together there on a Wednesday evening to eat, give well wishes, bestow him with gifts and did I mention, eat!
He couldn't have been happier or more surprised. The cash gifts, down coat and long johns would be a reminder that even though he was 3,000 miles away he was truly loved by his friends. 

I have treasured photos from the evening and memories that won't fade but I also scored in the food department. As a young girl I remember going to Phillipe's with my parents and siblings. We would always get the beef dipped sandwich. This time was no exception. I ordered the same thing I did when I was 7 years old. However, one of my friends ordered her sandwich with blue cheese. I had always seen that cheese was an option but since I knew how delicious a 'plain' sandwich tasted it never occurred to me to order cheese on it. A few weeks later I found myself roaming the streets of L.A. and ending right back up at Phillipe's. This time I ordered my same beef sandwich but with blue cheese. I couldn't believe my taste buds!! It was delicious!! It taught me a good lesson. I question every menu choice I make now. And as I go through the process of deciding what to order I ask myself, 'Could it be better with something else that I never would have considered adding?' 

Who knew? Blue cheese!!! 

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