Friday, August 23, 2013

My Sweet Niece

At two and a half years old this girl just loves to help.

If it's with her mom in the kitchen she insists on helping prepare the food. And when she comes to visit me she wants to be in the middle of any work I'm doing. This summer as I was working on my herb garden she had to help plant and water. I would fill a stock pot of water and gave her a little hello kitty cup so she could dip it into the pot of water and then pour it onto the plants. I went about doing it with this method hoping that it would take her longer to get through the pot of water so she wouldn't completely drown my herbs!

A few weeks ago she came over while I was in the middle of taking photos for my Etsy shop. She came across my sewing basket so I took and break and spent a bit of time explaining to her what 'thread' is. We went through every spool of thread I own and talked about each color. She couldn't quite grasp the concept of rewinding the thread so in an effort not to have all of my thread strewn about I told her to pick one color of thread that she wanted to hold. She picked one shade of pink for herself and another shade of pink for me. She held on to that for a while until I went back to photo taking. She saw me fluffing the skirt of one of the dresses and she then went around the entire skirt 'puffing' it out. Since I had camera in hand I shot the whole episode. Grams came and finally escorted her away. And a little later in the day I was happily reminded of our time together when I came across an unwound pink spool of thread :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Go Figure!

Trying to understand the taste of a 16 year old.

Just when I think that my daughter will absolutely love some article of clothing I have picked out for her, I bring it home with such excitement only to be met with a facial expression of 'Nah, not gonna ever wear it.'
And then as I show her finds I picked up at the flea market she'll flip out over something and say, "That is mine!" Go figure! Cause I sure can't.

And while I know what my daughter's style is and think it is darling I just can't seem to peg picking out the right thing for her. For instance, last month I came home with two pairs of 1950's capri's. One was black ribbed with small colorful embroidered flowers. The other pair was black cotton with folded up cuffs of red and white bandana fabric. They were both very small and I knew would fit her just right. I was banking on the red, white and black bandana pair. Nope, she fell in love with the embroidered floral pair. And there they sit in her closet now while the bandana pair is listed in my Etsy shop!